prof. dr. Jure Ravnik

Head of transport phenomena in fluid and solids laboratory


LOK, a seismic network preformance analysis tool

When planning a new seismic network or upgrading the existing one it is often desirable to be able to predict the performance of the future network. At least to some extent. LOK is a software tool that enables such estimates.

Authors: Mladen Zivcic and Jure Ravnik

Numerical aspects of the algorithm are explained in the following manual:

P. Borman and E. Bergmann (Eds), 2002. New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice, Potsdam : GeoForschungsZentrum : IASPEI

DOI: 10.2312/GFZ.NMSOP-2_IS_7.4

Source code, documentation and examples are available for download:

LOK, September 2011

LOK, August 2002

Example of the analysis of the old Slovenian network: